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"Sword & Shield is rare in its ability to recognize the uniqueness of our business and security needs and provide cost-effective services."

– Greg Hoover, National Cred-a-Chek, Inc.

It’s easy to believe that cybercriminals only target large companies that have massive amounts of sensitive personal information. But recent studies have shown that mid-market businesses will face advanced cyberattacks more often than their large counterparts. This is mostly due to the fact that these organizations don’t have the funds to hire an entire IT security staff.

With today’s advanced programs, it’s easier than ever for hackers to breach your organization and collect valuable personal information. That’s why we’re offering our no-obligation IT security consultation.

Our battle-tested assessors will examine your network from a hacker’s prospective to identify any vulnerabilities. After, they will make suggestions to improve security including:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Data Breach Threat Analysis

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